And now a message from our Sponsor - it's not what you think - or maybe it is:
Greetings dear ones, and all of those that have started this journey.
We greet you on your own level. The feelings and words expressed on this website come to you full of love, laughter, some frustration when technology didn't work and most of all, compassion for your situation and troubles. It is our words that will help galvanize this and help you receive even more healing.
Our troubles come from old emotions stuck in the body. We store those away and have no idea that we suffer from emotional blocks. Then when the world goes crazy and we have to wear a mask, we find difficulty complying. You are not alone. Let us say that one more time, you are not alone. It may not matter to you that others suffer from this same issue. It may not matter that there are many people that can't breathe even NOT wearing a mask. But today, you came to this place, and we hold you in a sacred embrace to allow you to release all of the things that caused you issues. 
We bring this message to you to allow further healing. To hold you up and support you.
We know that you can do this, you can wear a mask. You not only can wear a mask but you can shop or work outside of your home and you will strive. We know you might have difficulty believing this but we know it can be done, for we can see in the future as well as your past. 
So give us this beginning moment. Close your eyes and see yourself sitting under a great waterfall. Feel the water flowing on top of your head and flowing all over your body. Rinse away the day, the emotions, the world. Just sit with us here under this waterfall and allow the cleansing to take effect. Give yourself a few moments to experience being cleansed.
Now allow that water to turn into white light. This light is directly from the Creator, it is Universal, Cosmic white light. Let it flow all over your body and let it also enter in at the top of your head. Fill your body with this beautiful white light. It allows for healing. It allows emotions and thoughts to release. It allows you to complete this journey. 
We anoint you with healing. We activate the healing process even further. We connect you to the great Creator that is full of nothing but true unbiased love. This is your birthright. Claim this healing. Claim the ability to create your own life. Claim the love that is your due.
You are so very worthy. You deserve to be happy and thrive. You deserve to be able to leave your home to work, shop, play and visit with others. We do have a global pandemic going on and it will end at some point, but until then, stay safe, and be happy.