The Muscle Testing Exercise

What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing provides a real window into what is going on in the mind-body. Using muscle testing, we can literally gain access to our body’s internal computer system (subconscious) and find out where the imbalances are.  We are literally asking the body what it knows. Muscle testing is a great modality because it leads directly to the root of the problem very quickly. The body-computer always knows because it is linked to what is often called Universal Consciousness – the database of all that is. ~Brad Nelson - The Emotion Code

Yeah, but what IS it?

Think of a moment when you met someone and immediately recoiled from them or pulled back, that was your body's way of say, nope, nada, ain't going to happen. There was something in their aura/electromagnetic field that was out of harmony with yours. Now think of someone you lean into, that person is in harmony with your aura/electromagnetic field. 

With that thought, we ask the body a question and muscle test the answer. When you say I am a toaster, the obvious answer is no, unless you're a shapeshifter then we might have a problem. But overall the answer should be no. If we ask I am (insert your name here) then typically we answer with a yes. So the muscles of the body know the right answers. 

I had it explained as muscle testing is a system of connecting with our DNA to find deep-seated answers. When we muscle test we are using cellular memory to answer the question.


However, we sometimes have a belief that over-rides the truth sometimes. That's why sometimes you have to ask, I am a toaster and you get a yes. Then you ask, I believe I am a toaster and the answer will probably be yes. Then ask, am I really a toaster? and then you'll probably get a no.

What do I use muscle testing for?

Outside of my practice, I use it to test medications, how much medication I need, food, if it's something the body needs/wants (those can be tricky) and a host of other things, like "do I have COVID". The body tested no, and the test proved it. (My husband had it, so, I figured I did too.)


Within my practice, I use it to test whether an answer is correct or a belief. I use it in my Somatic Repatterning work so we can drill down and find the story behind the issue. I use it to see if I've actually cleared the issue. I use it for all sorts of things, like does this crystal want to help us today? Or will this crystal help this person? 

The uses of muscle testing are outstanding. And the more I use it the more I understand that it really does work if you allow it to.


Here is a link to the video I made, if you're interested.

So let's try it:

Stand up, say this statement: I am a toaster. Feel into your body and you should rock back. Say, I am your name. (If that’s a no, try I am me) You should rock forward.

If neither of these work, take a couple of swallows of water and try again. These are to form a baseline so we can make sure the next statements are correct. If on the second try, you still aren’t able to correctly get yes/no forward/backward, then take your hand and place it above your head, act like you are unzipping something, and unzip all the way from your head to the top of your legs. Try again. If the unzipping works always remember to zip back up at the end.


Muscle test these statements. 

DISCLAIMER: Some of these statements might upset you or make you mad that I am even asking them, please go ahead and test them. See what comes up for you. These questions are not to diminish what you are feeling, it is to get to the bottom of the problem.


I have trouble breathing with a mask on.

I have a belief that I have trouble breathing with a mask on 

My body can get plenty of oxygen with a mask on. 

I am angry about having to wear a mask. 

I fear wearing a mask. 

When I wear a mask I have a panic attack (or anxiety attack) 

I inherited a program from my ancestors about "not being able to breathe". 

I am frustrated when having to wear a mask 

These feelings are just my minds way of protecting me

I am willing to be healed of this anxiety when wearing a mask.

I believe that I can be healed of this.

I had a past life where I died from being unable to breathe.

I died from a disease where breathing was difficult.

I died from having my mouth and nose covered.

I died from drowning.

I suffocated.

I was tortured by someone using the breath as a weapon.

I tortured someone using the breath as a weapon.


If you normally have issues breathing then this course may help you but you might qualify for the medical exception and I ask that you seek a doctor. There is no judgment here, only compassion for your situation.


I can treat you in the office/remotely if something came up and you need further assistance. If you wish you may continue on with this course and that is fine too. I hope you find the healing to wear a mask confidently and without the anxiety.

By continuing with this course you are also willing to take full personal responsibility for the choices you make and how you process the outcome of those choices.