Notebook and Pen

Journaling exercise

Sit down with pen and paper, (or keyboard if you can print) and write down everything related to you wearing a mask. Write the horror, the anger, how you feel, anything, and everything. All the bad stuff that is weighing you down, get it out on paper. No one but you has to see this so take this moment to be completely honest with yourself. If you want complete lines of curse words, use them. Seriously the more honest you are here, the better the results, so let those feelings fly.

The reason I want you to do this is it gets everything out on the table. The whys behind this exercise: Let me ask you this, why do you wash the dishes? Because the dishes are dirty. You have to admit the negative to work your way to the positive. Another example is to imagine a garden full of weeds. You have to see the weeds to know that they need to be pulled. You have to admit or see the problem to find the solution.


In most cases, no amount of positive affirmations are going to wash the dishes for you. Affirmations will not pull the weeds out of your garden. Affirmations are extremely helpful in getting you to do something. They are even helpful with emotions around a situation but you can't always affirm your way out of things. There needs to be an action part to affirmations. 


By writing everything down you acknowledge what is currently present. Give those feelings some airtime in written form and when you are done with all of it, then add your expectations and affirmations for this course. 

In the last exercise, we will come back to this sheet of paper.

By continuing with this course you are also willing to take full personal responsibility for the choices you make and how you process the outcome of those choices.