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At some point in our lives, someone we know and love dies. We have many terms for it, passes over, crosses over, goes beyond the veil, and many other terms. If this has happened to you we send our sympathies and compassion. 


When people pass over, we want a way of memorializing the person we love and there are many ways of doing that. For me, I created PowerPoint presentations of pictures. Below you can see what I did for my dad. I created it before his death and will edit it when he passes over. (as of 6-30-2021 he has not passed over.) I created this so he could see the impact he had on our lives. A way of looking back to see what he created, produced, and loved. We rarely get to see that in life. I will also create something(s) in resin with his ashes and possibly a few other items. 

This page is going to be dynamic and I will update it as items are created and can be shared.

If you have a desire to memorialize someone you love, please contact me for more details and pricing.

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