I am someone who believes that the client has all the answers that work for them. What I do is help you realize that you have plenty of potentials to get you from where you are today to where you want to go. I have refined this service to include most all of the modalities in my toolbox. For me, it isn't just about asking potent questions but adding other modalities that help us go deep into the problem and looks at the point of origination. Once we find that point of origination, we clear it so you can move forward. 

Angel Therapy / Reiki

I love working with this energy that comes from doing either or both of these modalities. Angel Therapy brings the angels into a protective healing circle. Reiki sessions are energy work that is focused to that specific modality. Together WOWzer.

Guided Imagery and Hypnotherapy is used to help you with all types of problems from medical conditions to phobias, blocks and releasing bad habits. We use progression techniques that help get into a deep state of relaxation and then guide you through suggestions that we have agreed upon before the progression. There are never any surprises and if you have questions about this please see my FAQ.


Medical Conditions

Release a habit

Release blocks

Lose weight / Stop Smoking

Fears or phobias

Past Life Regression

*these may require more than one visit.

Through muscle testing, we ask the body yes/no questions to find where the point of origination began. After finding the story of how it became stuck we strive forward to release and resolve these issues. We have found that the body has a cellular memory and that memory can span in this lifetime and others. By releasing these old stories we begin to rewrite our cellular memory giving you a better quality of life in this life and possibly others.

Surrogate Work

This is most of the holistic work done by me - this means you do not need to be present. I will do the work in my home and then will send you a report and any of the affirmations I programmed in. You might feel nothing or you might feel the actual shifts take place. This work does require consent to do the work. We will strive for a time so that you can be relaxed and calm while I do the work. Or sometimes, you'll be otherwise occupied while I do the work.


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