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My tribute to Robin Williams 8/13/2014

I still remember the day that Elvis Presley died. I remember the nation crying. I was young enough that I didn’t understand all those tears and what the big deal was because I was really too young to understand. Monday August 11, 2014 another man, just as great died, Robin Williams. I now understand all those tears from so many years ago.

I feel sort of numb over the whole thing but I’ve come to learn that everything is here to teach us a lesson. Robin suffered from depression and I have seen that dark hole of misery that depression causes. I don’t have it to the extent he did but I still have had a really dark patch in my life. If Robin’s death can teach us anything it is to understand others misery. It has shined its light on the ugliness that depression is all about and people have been flying off the handle about the whole thing on both sides.

So let his death teach us about depression and how very real it is. Let it teach us, through his actions prior to his death to bring happiness and laughter to others even when on the inside you may be suffering. Let others laughter bring a smile to your face but never, ever, overlook those signs of depression that causes so many, such misery.

Oh it’s easy for a lot of people to point fingers at the negative, it is the human condition to do so. It’s easy to take your religious stance and point more fingers. It’s simple to take a road when you either don’t understand or you do. But I invite you to see the positives. Go back and watch all of his stand up, watch his movies, dare to laugh and enjoy the show. Share in his laughter and see in his eyes the very sadness that was always there. Those windows to the soul that screamed, “Help me, laugh so I can feel just a little bit better about myself”.

Yes there is a nation in shock over this, there is a nation crying, and there is so much compassion over Robin’s death. But if we’ve ever truly loved the man, laugh for him, that’s what he’d want us to do. He wouldn’t want us all crying over him he’d want us to laugh the way he always made us laugh. He wants to see our smiles, not our tears, for he probably shed his fair share in his lifetime. Dare to be different and find the positives, mourn him however you wish, but please show a little compassion. Shine that light on love and maybe look to your closest friend and find those that suffer from depression and for just one moment understand that they hide their misery so that YOU feel better, not themselves.

“Laughter is the best medicine”. It’s a fact of life, and Robin Williams gave us lots of laughter. I salute you Mr. Williams, and now “Genie, You are free.”



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