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A New Dawn

Today is that moment when, I get it. When I say, "I get it", it really means, I am starting to understand all of those teachings that said "things can be different". I am understanding what it means when they say, "It's all in your head."

Yesterday was a fantastic day. I see it as a completed leg of my journey and it is one of those keys that will change my reality. I guess I should explain. Twenty years ago I was faced with becoming a computer technician or a psychologist. I loved all of the workings of the mind but I really wasn't prepared to work with someone in that way. So, I went the computer tech route. Looking back, there are moments of regret and then there are moments of understanding that I found my path and I had to walk it.

Now twenty years later, I want change again. I want something different, something where I can really help people on their path. After years of wishing it to be true I am starting to see that maybe, just maybe there's a different way. So, I applied for an online school to teach me the healing arts. Considering I really don't like techniques, rules, boundaries and have to's this has really been a journey for me.

What I am finding out in working on myself for over the last two years is that now it really is starting to pay off. At the beginning of last year I became a Spiritual Junkie. I would come home from work and listen to all of the people that I follow: Kryon, the Z's and Eric Pearl. The Z's had such wonderful information and how to's. They helped me dive deep within myself. Doesn't hurt that Lee Harris is English and doesn't hurt the eyes. Kryon's words were moving and I had seen him in person when Lee Carroll came to KC. That meeting really changed me but it would take six months for things to really take hold. Both of the Lee's brought me to tears as they flawlessly channeled their counterparts.

After my spiritual tank was filled up I began looking to see what I could do. How could I contribute to the world. The old saying, "Heal yourself first," rang in my head. So, I went out and found a school and each and every week the homework has you working on yourself. I remember the diamond in the rough...the thing that looked like a rock and not a piece of beauty. So, as classes happened, and homework became the norm, I began chipping away. I'm not a multifaceted diamond yet but I am becoming refined. The edges are being taken off and I am finding out where I fit in this world.

So back to the beginning of this blog, yesterday I received the certification that says I am qualified to do Somatic Repatterning. Late last week I received my final grades for the first part of hypnotherapy and...I have passed. Life Coaching was passed as well. So my 24 weeks for both of those classes are finished and I begin to fine tune even those modalities.

Today, I could play in the tar pit and not get any on me. I walked away shiny as when I went in. Work didn't frustrate me. Life didn't slap me. Happiness was my shield. My vibration stayed raised and my heart was truly happier than I have remembered in a long...long...long time. Content being me. Content having the experience and knowing that it doesn't have to be the same ole same ole.

I came out of today with a new motto: "I have a new job that I love." When things came at me to bring me down, I did the singsong, "I have a new job that I love," knowing that soon I am going to be able to be in a different place doing something to help humanity move forward, one person at a time, one step at a time, one experience at a time, and ... I am ok with that. :)

So when the gurus tell you...if you don't like it, change your thoughts...don't look down your nose at them and call foul. Look within and see your star and let it shine...let it shine brightly...and if for some reason you can't...find a motto...find a memory...find a song...find something to break you out of those old thoughts. And when you absolutely can't find a happy thought...make an appointment with someone who can. :)

Much love and gratitude

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