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What's in your toolbox?

From early on in my life I have always known that I was meant for something ‘more’ than what I was doing. All of my children brought their friends home. They talked to me like I was their mother and yet like a friend. They'd asked me questions, sought advice, wanted to ‘run things by me’ and just be around me.

Add to the advice someone who enjoys writing. I remember when My Space was the place to be. Then Yahoo had a space for you to write. I wrote whatever my heart desired, from stories to heart filled aches about life. I’ve always enjoyed using my imagination and creativity in writing assignments. Then I bought my first domain and blogged for a while with it. I’ve since let it go.

Now, my life has shifted and changed. I am no longer a full time mother with kids running through her house, but a grandmother whose children have grown up and are starting families on their own far away from me. I have known for a long time that as much as I love computers and technology and find it fascinating, it is not where my heart is, or ever was, my heart belongs to holistic works.

I am no longer the woman that is without a toolbox full of tools to use when people need help. I am now the lady that sits on one side of a massage table and with an open heart, in sacred space, listening to someone without trying to push for an outcome. I sit here and listen kindly and with compassion as people seek to find their answers to their questions. I know that those answers reside within themselves so, I ask them potent questions that requires a response that insures that they will look deep within themselves for the answer.

Sometimes, that isn’t enough, sometimes I must pull out the toolbox and make a decision on the best tool to use. Which tool can I use? Somatic work is all about asking the body questions and through muscle testing getting yes / no answers. This line of questioning can take us to the point of origin to find the story that created this space of dis-ease. Then we clear things out on a cellular level as we release and resolve the issues. I love the Somatic work that I do but sometimes it requires more and sometimes it is backup to the other tools I use.

Auriculotherapy is a fantastic tool for pain in the body, disease, and when combined with aromatherapy is a potent little tool. You can also use Auriculotherapy in a change protocol for smoking, weight loss and stress management. You can even let the client leave with tiny beads in the ear that help to inforce the protocol used. I have used this tool and sometimes it has lead to somatic work to finish the job off with a nice little bow.

Toe reading is become a modality to love. The toes know what the sole knows about the client in front of me. Big toes, little toes, crooked toes, and bent toes, they all tell a story about the person and the path that they’ve walked. This tool is has wonderful way of giving a test run into what can be offered by me. I am always surprised at how accurate Toe Reading has become and just what it can do to change a person sitting in front of me.

Hypnotherapy can be used for just about anything a person wants to change. I create my own scripts, modify other’s scripts or just use a canned script. I have actually started being ok with hearing my own voice as I record scripts for others.

I love plants, have always loved them. I was raised on a farm and my grandmother had several flower beds and flower gardens, if you will. So plants are natural to me, and here for a reason. Now I'm finding the love of Essential Oils. Although I'm not licensed as an Aromatherapist, I see great value in adding oils to just about any session. The sense of smell is by far one of the strongest of our senses and leaves a lasting impression.

Energy work has come a long way. I don't have a method or technique other than my own intuitive gift. I can help clear old energy out and open pathways for new energies to come forth. I don't use this tool very often but when I do, it brings relief to my clients.

Life Coaching is always present in all of my sessions. It is the umbrella that all of the tools fall under. It helps me stay in question mode, helps me hear what the guides have to say that you need to hear or the path you need to be on. I use it daily as it is a necessary skill to maintaining an open heart.

All of these tools that I used can be used together or separate, it really depends on the job in front of me and how we’d like to proceed. The thing that I find the most fascinating is no matter what modality I am using, I find similarities to other modalities and they have little to no known negative side-effect. Each of them are meant to move energy and each of them are meant for change. The hard spots can be a little tough but it is important to stick to the task and find the right tool for the change to occur.


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