• conniegensamer

My theology around health and healing.

A word about healing. Healing looks differently to each of us, as does heath. We have a belief that healing is curing or getting rid of the disease that is in our bodies. Sometimes, it's about managing that dis-ease, sometimes it's about releasing and letting go, sometimes the dis-ease stays with us for a lifetime and sometimes it goes away. Healing is a multifaceted gem that has many moving parts. I cannot cure you...only YOU and Spirit can do that.

I believe that ALL disease in the body starts with emotions and mental attitudes. ALL Disease. Most America's go to the doctor and they give you a nice lovely pill that starts your journey to healing...but most of what they give you are not cures...they are only things to help with the symptoms. They don't address the underlying issues of the emotions or the mental thoughts and attitudes. Some people while taking these drugs, also deal with the emotional and mental things.

The jury is still out on whether or not accidents (cuts/scrapes/breaks) are due to emotional/mental things or just something that happens...I believe that it's a bit of both.

Once you are on something for chronic reasons (diabetes, heart issues, etc.) if you're not dealing with the emotional/mental, can be driven deeper into the body and eventually it comes out on the skin.

There is no one size fits all with this, as we're all dealing with emotional and mental health on our own and it's our perceptions that either lock us in, or release us. Diet. Exercise. Sleep. Digestive health. Locked emotions. Perceptions. Positive attitudes. There are a lot of factors when trying to find a total health and healing solution.

I believe that my methods can and will work with your doctors advice and work side-by-side with them. Nothing I will do will interact with the doctors advice or treatments but we'll work on your emotional and mental levels to find healing that will help YOU cure you.


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