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Going Green...

So many things in my life are changing…DIY or better yet natural products are starting to rain into my home one at a time. With that said, I wanted to create blogs about how to DIY. It's not so much the frugal in me as it is the need to be organic or as natural as possible. Removing toxins seems to be the thing I most value these days. So removing something toxic for something natural has been occurring in my house for the last two months. I thought I'd start this blog roll off with the whys and then explain more as we go.

I went through several classes at (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts) that talked about sustainability, conscious thinking, and removing toxins from your environment. Everything you take in today has some kind of repercussion later, so I want to make sure that the things I take into the body are actually healthy for me and the people in my home.

In the last two months I have changed my deodorant to one that is homemade. I love it and then again, I have a hate relationship with it. It's messy…there's no doubt about it. So, I found another recipe to try that uses beeswax. Once I have perfected recipe I'll share it.

The next few things were easy choices to make…I started using Stainless Steel pots and pans. Now to be fair, right now we're not doing a lot of cooking but I did notice a huge difference in the taste of scrambled eggs in both a stainless steel pot and one of those aluminum jobs with the Teflon in it. I could actually smell something when I used the Teflon…something not quite right. So, that has been a simple change.

The next thing I changed was laundry soap. I made a version of Laundry Sauce that I'll share at some point. It's not a liquid and it's not a powder, it's like really thick mayo. It seems to work. So another toxin removed from the list.

I haven't gone completely natural with shampoo and conditioner yet but I have switched to something that claims not to have toxins in it. Renpure is one of them, I got some that was a cleansing shampoo and a leave in conditioner. Also Wal-Mart has some Ardan Oil Shampoo and conditioner that works really well too. Actually my hair has never been softer. So, I'm pleased with both of these.

I have been trying a liquid bath soap from Wal-Mart that is made with cocoa butter. It doesn't lather like I like but it seems to work. It does seem to make my skin soft. We're in the process of gathering up the things to make our own Castile Soap. My husband has made it before so all in all, if we can get that production going about once a month, then after 3 -6 months of it curing we'll have recipes to post.

For all those women out there that wear pads or mini-pads whether daily or just through that time of month, I found a cloth version. Some are called Glad Rags and Bamboo Mama there's dozen more companies out there. I wasn't sure if I'd like them so when I found Bamboo Mama mini-pads out at for $22.00 I was thrilled. They don't itch like disposables do, once you get them in place you don't realize you're wearing them and again, another possible toxin removed. Even if there are no toxins in disposables, the fact that they are washable and last a good while, adds to the savings plus we always have laundry to do. And as far as absorbent....I haven't seemed to have any mishaps.

So as I learn more and add to my list, I'll add the recipes out here with pros / cons and lessons learned. I plan on making mascara, blush, base and maybe some eyeliner. There is hope for some good shampoos, conditioners, and bath soaps. And anything else I can find that is natural, toxin free and DIY if applicable.

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