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Hypnotherapy FAQ

Does hypnosis really work? How does it work? – Yes, hypnosis really does work. It works with your subconscious mind where blocks could possibly live that you are not aware of, by removing those blocks, it helps to free you from anything unknown so that we continue working to release the ones you do know about. Hypnosis works with the subconscious mind where things are stored that are sometimes unknown to the person. They become deeply engrained when an event triggers. For example, when you are young you are taught fire is hot. Someone might have slapped your hand for it. You associate Fire to pain (either by touching it or getting your hand popped). So the subconscious links the two together to form something you may not have realized. Sometimes those things are good and sometimes those things keep you held back.

Can hypnosis help me stop ________? Most likely if you truly want to stop ___________ then yes it can help. It can remove the blocks that hold you back or keep you locked in this pattern. You have to have an active desire for hypnosis to work, you also need to be working with the issue, and sometimes it depends on what you want to stop. Hypnosis is not a silver bullet, so you might need other modalities to help with the process.

Will this help me get to the "root cause" of a problem? It can help you get to the root cause of your problem because we are dealing with many different areas of your mind while in hypnosis. You may never know what the true ‘root cause’ is but we can get to the base of that problem and weed it out.

I saw a stage hypnosis show and it sure looked like the people on stage were under some kind of mind control. What's that about? Stage hypnosis can be very real, and the people up on stage have been screened so that the practitioner knows that they are going to perform while up there. At some base level the client wants this to happen and allows it.

I think I'm very analytical, so it'd probably be difficult to hypnotize me, right? Not necessarily, just because you’re analytical, doesn’t mean you can’t be hypnotized, we have tools that will work directly with your analytical mind to allow the full effects of hypnosis to work. If you’ve ever been enthralled in a movie, work you were doing, or sort of spaced out while watching the white lines on the road then you’ve most likely been in a trance. Meditation can take you into a trance as well, a place of complete relaxation and peacefulness where time sort of stands still. If you have ever experience this then that alone suggests that we can get past the analytical part of your mind and move you into the area you need to be for hypnosis to work.

What if I can't be hypnotized? It is very rare that someone can’t be hypnotized. I believe that even if you can’t be, the scripts and work we do will be beneficial. 1. By allowing yourself to admit to a problem or coming here, you’ve already opened the door. 2. By setting the intention that you will be able to go into trance, you have already made the commitment to go into trance. 3. By relaxing and slowing down your mind and body we can start to address some issues. 4. Listening to the scripts and following along we will touch some part of your psyche and implant a suggestion. 5. If nothing else for the next 20 or 30 minutes you’ll get to relax deeper than you normally would.

What will I feel? What does it feel like to be hypnotized? It’s a very relaxing state of mind and body. You let go of all the things going on in your mind and just focus on my words and the imagery that I give you. As you follow along with your mind we get to make suggestions towards your higher goal that will help you achieve what you’re here to do.

What should I expect during a session? You can expect me to ask a few questions to find out what you’re seeking by coming here, then you can expect me to have you relax in a chair and answer any questions or concerns. When we’re through that part we’ll get you comfortable and then I’ll start with a basic induction, if I see the need we’ll do a deepening induction, then the script that helps you with your issue, then an awaking script will bring you out of trance. After that we will talk for a few minutes about your experience and then we’ll be done.

How often should the sessions be done? How many sessions do I need? If you would like I can record your session and you can do it daily, weekly, or monthly. This is entirely up to you how often you re-listen to the recording. I think this is something you’ll have to answer for yourself. Some people can have one session and never pick up another cigarette, others have to listen daily to have something help. So it depends on the severity of your own personal issue. Also, after we clear things out to help move you forward, sometimes other things come up, sometimes those are unrelated to the original problem and sometimes they are new blocks to the issue you are having. Either way, it is a good idea to come in so we can retune your script will help. Depending on the issue depends on how much we work with it. For example if you are trying to quit smoking or lose weight I would suggest no less than four (4) session to keep you on track and to help prevent relapses.

How long is each session? I like to plan for two hours. I know that sounds like a lot of time; however, we need to talk and build a rapport with each other, I might find another tool might serve you better, or a combination of tools will help. If you’re coming in for say, stopping smoking, we talk for a few minutes and possibly do some Life Coaching techniques to start you on your journey. Then we might find that some Somatic Reprogramming might really get to the heart of your issue and then use hypnotherapy as a way to really sink in the desired outcome. Otherwise, 30 minutes to an hour is probably all we need to do strictly hypnotherapy.

Is there a guarantee? How will I know it worked? As in life, there are no guarantees. Hypnotherapy works because you want it to work, it works because you’re already addressing the problem at a conscious level and you want that change to happen. Hypnotherapy will work at a deeper level to help you change/modify your behavior. You’ll know it works because that behavior has changed.

What if I get stuck in hypnosis? If you get stuck, I will jump up and down on your chest yelling the house is on fire. <smiles> No way…that was a joke. I don’t believe you’ll get stuck, this is much like a guided meditation that you transverse. You might go to sleep. You might not want to come back from this wonderful feeling of relaxation and the environment your mind created. If that happens I’ll try to use the awakening script again, if that doesn’t work, I’ll lift your wrist and when I drop it I’ll shout, “Wake Up”. Worse case, if there are no clients after you, I’ll let you sleep it off.

Can you help me forget a terrible experience I went through? Unfortunately, no. We could try to bury it deeper within your subconscious and all that will do is to come up somewhere later in life when it has to be dealt with…and my experience is, it’s usually unpleasant at that point. What I would suggest is that we work with the terrible experience and see if we can get some closure on it. Doing that will work better in the long run.

Will I remember what happened during the hypnosis? What if I go to sleep? It is my intent to ask the subconscious to help you remember the entire experience. So yes it is very possible to remember everything. Some do not remember everything, and that’s ok too. If you fall asleep I will try to gently wake you up and if that fails I’ll lift your hand and when it drops I’ll shout, “Wake up.”

What if recall something in hypnosis that is awful and I hadn’t remembered it before? Set your mind at ease, this rarely happens but sometimes we have skeletons in our closets (mind). If it does happen we will work with that experience when you come out of the hypnosis.


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