Signature Oils

Signature oils are something I started a few years ago. 

According to the paperwork I have, we muscle teach each chakra point for the oil it needs to become and stay balanced. Each chakra has about 7 - 10 different oils that help maintain balance.

After we've done the muscle testing  I take the 7 oils and plug them into a formula to help maintain balance within the scent itself. Then we put it all in a bottle with a carrier oil and your name and you have a blend of oil that will work for you. Most people love the blend that comes out.

Once I have that formula then I can add it to lotions, bath bombs, roll on or drip bottles and this list could grow to soaps and deodorant in the near future.

Taking a look at the Holistic work we could also add balancing through meditation/guided imagery,  we could use Somatic work and make sure that the chakra's are already balanced or find out what has brought them out of balance. The information we glean through muscle testing can be used in other applications and a base line for future sessions.

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