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Welcome, I am very glad you decided to work on your issues with a mask and possibly not being able to breathe while wearing one. 

Let's get this out of the way: I will note here, and other places that there may be some high emotions that come up for you. Some emotions really are expected in this course otherwise, you'd be able to wear a mask. Finding out what's holding you back is the purpose of this course and then clearing those emotions. Some emotions are higher than this course is supposed to cover. If that happens please reach out to your therapist/doctor or even me.


While these courses and exercise can contribute to your wholeness and well-being, it is not intended to replace medical diagnosis or treatment. If you have been diagnosed with an existing condition, medical or physical, please do not continue without consulting your physician. Also, pain is a messenger so, in case there could be a deeper underlying condition, be sure to have yourself checked by a medical practitioner first.

By continuing with this course you are also willing to take full personal responsibility for the choices you make and how you process the outcome of those choices. 


Whew, disclaimers must be done, but on a happier note, I do feel that the lessons on the following pages or links can help you immensely to find your way past your mask problems. I look forward to hearing any comments you have about this short course and I truly hope you heal your issues with a mask/ability to breathe with one. 

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