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Art is an important part of my life and world. I honestly believe that we can find answers to problems, help heal trauma and emotional pains and a number of other things through art. If nothing else, it's fun and can take the artist to new worlds. 


I never thought of myself as being creative. It was so much easier to copy someone else's work. Today, I sit down with paper, pencil, and eraser and draw a line across and a line down and let happen what will. Then I found out that my iPad has an amazing program called Procreate and I haven't stopped using it. I absolutely LOVE my iPad and work that comes from it. 


My husband loves to create works on his lathe and bandsaw. They are usually small pieces like pens and jewelry boxes, yet each moment is valuable to him. Each moment something learned. 

We've also started using resin in our arts and creating resin pieces as time allows. This area is something we plant to mature over time.



Mixed Media

Painting and Flow Acrylics


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