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Angel Therapy and Reiki

I can talk about both of these modalities for ages and never grow old from all the information and fun things that these modalities bring. Ultimately they both boil down to creating a space where Universal Source Energy flows and heals. Each have their unique way of working and healing and I'll explain more below. I can do this in the office or remotely and the results are the same or even better depending on the person.​

Some terminology first.

Think of energy as a type of fuel that is held in reserves. Gasoline goes into your gas tank so that when you turn on your car it goes. Electricity is at the ready so when you switch on the light, it comes on. Energy is the fuel that your body needs to wash the dishes. Energy comes from the sun and picked up through solar panels and stored in batteries for later use. As humans we have energy in our bodies that flow through our electrical system. Those wires are called meridians. There are storage areas in our bodies called chakras. Both can get blocks that need to be removed so that your energy system is running more efficiently.

Auras are unseen spiritual energy fields that surround ALL living things and there are several layers (at least 6) to those fields. If it is living, it has an aura. I generally work in the Physical, Emotional, and Mental planes. I have pulled back and worked on the Astral body, Etheric, Celestial and causal planes. Some speculate that the field is 27 feet from your center, others see it much closer. I have a belief that it's as big or small as you need it to be. However, being an empath, I can usually pick up stuff from 27 feet range - depending on day and such. If you have black in your field(s) then you have a block that needs to be removed.

Now that you understand some of the terms let's getting into energy work.

Reiki has been around for years and is a modality that scans the chakras then the body. The practitioner stays in that area until the energy shifts. The really nifty thing about Reiki is it goes to the area that needs to be healed and not necessarily to the point we think it needs to go. This means a practitioner needs to be open to moving to different areas of the body to help the client heal. Sometimes the practitioner will use symbols that have been passed down to enhance the session and healing.​

Angel Healing is a really fun modality. We first start with picking an angel card (or multiple) that I look at but don't share at the time. We put you on the table, get you comfortable and then I call in a protective circle and the angels. I listen closely to the energies and see if I pick up anything. After the session I share everything I picked up and we look at the cards.​

What is really amazing is to put both of these modalities together and do both. Major healing and lots of good energy goes into your field to heal you from mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dis-ease.

Both of these modalities can be used with you there or remotely. I can do remote work to facilitate this in my home while you stay in yours. The only request is that for the session you meditate or sit quietly (no television or phones) and become an open vessel for the energy to flow into you. As with Reiki, the energy goes where it's needed but you only take what you need. You actually pull the energy from me and I'm channeling it from the Universal Source.​

I look forward to connecting to you and your energy.​

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