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Remotely working

With COVID out there and people social distancing, remote work is becoming more popular. There is a little known rule out there that we are connected with each other and distance does not matter. Which gives practitioners the ability to do holistic work remotely.

I bring in a copy of you energetically into a teddy bear, then do the work, send your copy back and you get all the benefits. If doing Somatic Repatterning, I do all the muscle testing and can send you the results of any of this, via email.

I am finding that some people enjoy intuitive work done 'remotely'.  This is for the person that finds that life is too busy or they do not want to go in depth about a story. They just want the work done. I have found this service to be very positive and continues to help the client move forward.

In order for me to do this, I will need to have some way of connecting to you.

  • You must complete the in-depth form 

  • I would rather do this over a video platform but can do it over the phone/chat/text.

  • Each time I do a session, I will need to have express permission (written in our communications or verbally) to be a surrogate for you to do the remote work.

  • A specific subject you wish to work on.

I would like to do a quick 30-minute follow-up after you've gone over any messages I sent via email or face-to-face. This is not necessary but it helps things settle in and I make sure I didn't miss anything.

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