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Somatic Repatterning

Somatic work provides a unique form of body-mind-spiritual application that allows for transformation at a cellular level. People who want to make positive changes in their lives can benefit from these sessions. With this technique, clients can overcome deep subconscious issues stuck in cellular memory causing emotional, spiritual, mental or physical discomfort. These beliefs can come from many different places and from many different planes of existence.

Using kinesiology or muscle testing, energetic and intention, old stories, traumas, and habitual unconscious behaviors and beliefs are tracked and cleared. Once the client has released these “old patterns,” together we create new imprints that allow for your expansive potential.

Clients have reported experiencing a sense of peace, relief, connected-ness and increased understanding of why something is the way it is and their relationship to that old pattern. With Somatic Repatterning the shifts can come. Clients can see subtle shifts, as their perceptions change concerning a subject, and sometimes those shifts are more pronounced. It really is up to the individual how this work occurs for them.

Somatic work gets to the heart of the matter, usually quicker than other methods, and we deal with it in a positive and healthy environment allowing for inner growth and peace of mind.

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