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Spiritual Life Coaching / Holistic Life Coaching

Life Coaching is about meeting a client where they are today and helping them to move forward with their life. There are many tools of the trade and by having a conversation we can discuss which tool(s) could help you to shift so that transformations happen for you.

I believe that permanent, life-long changes can, and will occur when I combine not just my coaching and communication skills, but I will emphasize the connection between mind, body, and spirit. I am not here to change you but to ask potent questions so that you can find the answers within yourself. For you already have all the answers, you just need someone to help you find the answers within yourself.

Regardless of which modality you might choose, know that my life coaching skills will be there. Coming to someone from a standpoint of “no judgment” is better for everyone. Coaching with an open heart connects you and me together to forge a bond and will take you places you wish to change and possibly take you places you never knew you could travel.

Spiritual life coaching is something that I have added. From the beginning of the session, we start by asking Spirit to join us for your higher good. Then we move to the points you'd like to work on. Some other things to consider: Do you question your connection to a greater power? Do you want to increase your connection? Do you need to move in a different direction and not sure where to start? All of these questions can bring you closer to your Creator, higher self and help bring you to enlightenment. No matter what religion (if any) you subscribe to, we can help you deepen that connection for better fulfillment for yourself.

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